About us

We are a pair of professional storyboard artists who between us have lived and worked in New York, London, Hong Kong, and together, Los Angeles and (currently) Santa Fe.

We are fast, talented, and bring the appropriate style to the table.

From brooding cinematic drama to ‘in your face’ slapstick comedy, and everything in between, you’ll find that the manner suits the matter.

Our long term clients include both mainstream advertising agencies and commercial production companies, who have come to appreciate our artistic abilities, high rate of flow, and our thinking.

Whether you give us a brief written synopsis and rely on our ‘directing’, or provide detailed thumbnails, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

Our efficient working methods ensure that you get several spots in your campaign unified by a consistent look. Give us your ideas, and watch us go.

Those who like us, like us a lot.

We’ve inspired their confidence, and their trust.

How it works

Based on experience, it works best like this… You shoot us a script or idea. As vague or detailed as you like.

We discuss it on the phone, and when we’re sure we’ve ‘got it’, we quickly rough out the shots as we see them, or if you provided thumbnails, as you envisioned them, and fax/email them to you.

You say “By Jimminy, that was gosh darned fast, and you totally nailed it. How about we just pull out/push in on number 17 a bit, and do final line and color”.

We pull out/push in on #17 a bit.

We do final line and color.

Next time we do three boards instead of one, and your campaigns/pitches start looking more co-ordinated.

You start sleeping better. Your complexion improves, and if we’re not careful, the briefing becomes a cell phone call from inside a tunnel, there’s no chance to see roughs, and we still manage to get it right.

You grow ever more impressed with our speed and reliability.

We mysteriously appear on your speed dial.

Just remember…
We’re FAST, GOOD and we ‘GET IT’.

Storyboard Squad