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'The color really punches this one, great stuff.' 'Perfecto...' 'Great as usual' 'Nice touch on the end frame. I can't wait to see the color. Please just pass along to Meridee that I'd like this guy to be 50ish and graying.'
James Madsen
The Neiman group
Storyboard Squad consists of Steve (Stephen) Worthington, and Meridee Mandio. We are a married couple of professional comp, or storyboard artists and we’re a superb team (Steve draws, Meridee colors). We consistently produce high caliber storyboards for United States advertising agencies and shooting boards for production companies, and have done for many years.

We currently live in Santa Fe, which is near Albuquerque, in New Mexico, but we work remotely for clients country-wide.

It’s not just the style of drawing or quality of design, knowledge and experience that keeps our clients coming back: It’s because we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your idea is in good hands. We make sure we ‘get’ your idea, before ever start drawing it.

We combine scanned pencil sketch drawing with digital color in photoshop to achieve our standard look, although a more ‘inked’ effect to the linework can be achieved by drawing it digitally as well. Years of hands on work with ad agency art directors and production company commercial directors, and some occasional film work, has honed Steve’s storytelling abilities to make for relaxed and happy clients who keep on confidently putting their ideas in our hands.

We’ll do whatever you need, whether it’s a few key frames, video storyboards, shooting boards or animatics. In color or in black and white.

So you can send us your scripts and then go to work on your golf swing.




Storyboard Squad. 

We’re FAST, GOOD and we ‘GET IT’