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See if you can figure out each national 'day', before I scribble it in at the end! OK, some of them are given away in the thumbnail, but they're still fun (usually in a slightly disturbed kind of way)

Apparently every day has its own special holiday, so I've been celebrating them with whiteboard scribbles, some of which I've animated.
I can do them for you too. I have actually re-worked previous whiteboard work by others where the agency was unhappy with the visuals that supported the script (too literal and humorless). I've drawn visuals to be edited by the agency's motion graphics person, and helped re-work the odd script on occasion too.

Give me a shout if you want to do some whiteboards. Typically I figure out and draw the drawn parts, and edit if there's no motion graphics more complex than the effects you see below, but I can find people to give me a hand with any or all of scripting, editing/motion graphics, or adding sound/voiceover if you don't have anyone lined up for those things).

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