Storyboard Squad
We're fast, we're good,
and we 'get it'.

We appreciate that our clients are happy to toot our horn for us. Thanks all.
Some are the result of our asking, the rest are pulled from emails, but used with permission.

Let these folks tell you how FAST and GOOD we are.
And how we GET IT.

'You guys always nail it first time around and I'm always amazed that I get exactly what I had in my mind. The presentations go like clockwork because the boards are always a clean read, and there's nothing distracting in them to get in the way.'
Joe Pompeo, EVP Group Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi NY.

'Thanks so much for your recent work on our storyboards! The creativity you brought to the table to help extend the script's concept was fantastic and right on target. Not to mention the speed and quality you always bring to our jobs. Thanks again, and I look forward to our next illustration project together!'
Troy Dunn, Creative Director, Dunn & Co.

'Having been a Director of Photography, I appreciate Steve's spacial knowledge.
Lenses, depth of field, and editorial points of view are all considered in his frames.
I like the amount of detail, promising the important things while leaving out distracting specifics.
I've worked with Steve for a few years and is always the first call.'
Kevin Smith. Award winning commercial director, Backyard Productions, Venice, CA.

'Fast and focused on selling the idea within the board.
No hand holding needed; they have deep knowledge of how to create what a creative wants to see AND FEEL.'
Patrick Sean Flaherty, Saatchi & Saatchi NY.

'Yes, they get it. Yes their drawing is a gift from God. Yes, they're flexible. Yes, they're quick as hell.
But even better is their film sense-they know a 16mm lens from an 85mm lens; they know how a camera can move; they understand the editor's needs, and that the spots live or die by the performance of the actors-I find this very helpful.'
Brent Thomas. Commercial director, owner of Green Dot Films in Venice, CA, and former Chiat Day Art Director.

'I give them my funny ideas and they come back even funnier.'
Arty Tan, formerly Fallon, and Ground Zero, Los Angeles.

Storyboards are amazing, what a great job.
I will keep an eye out for the invoice and can't wait to work with you on something else.'

'It's perfect, fantastic job again!'
Andrew Shortell, Green Card Pictures, LLC.

'The work is, as always, most excellent. Y'all are rock stars.'
Evan Brownstein, Creative Director, Avrett Free Ginsberg, NY.

'Thanks for your swift illustrating.'
'Thanks for all of your incredible work. You two really pulled it off.'
'Thanks for making my job so easy.'
Analisa Payne, Art Buyer, BBDO West.

'Hey, Y'all!
Thanks again for the ills. fantastic-looking as usual!
Many thanks.'
Alex Lea, Art Director, Publicis, NY.

'The boards are great! Thank you so much-- you're a pleasure to work with.'
Buffy McCoy-Kelly, Neiman Group.

'Well done!
Very, very nice, thanks!
You made my weekend.
I'll send this off to the model artist.
Love many of the details including the tail fin! Very nice bends on the tips.
Also like the white and black divisions to the tail.
Yes, you're really pumping life into this. Thanks so much, looks wonderful!'
Mike Doyle, Arnell Group.

'The color really punches this one, great stuff.'
'Great as usual'
'Nice touch on the end frame. I can't wait to see the color. Please just pass along to Meridee that I'd like this guy to be 50ish and graying.'
James Madsen, Neiman Group.

'This shit looks hot
i love you
Soloman Nadaf, freelancing for Avrett Free Ginsburg, NY.

'You and Meridee seem to work so well together I'm sure all art will be spot on.'
Patrick Flaherty, Saatchi & Saatchi, NY.

'So, I will probably need some additional frames drawn, owing to the well-recieved storyboards (you did) that were presented earlier this week. I'll probably need 12-15 by noonish Friday.
Tim Shaw, Adstore, NY.

'I wanted to thank you again for that perspective work you did ever so quickly for the XXXX job. We shot "XXXX" on Thursday and begin the cut on Monday. On both these jobs the directors complimented us on the boards, that they were well thought out and most of same shots are in the spots. "XXXX" didn't even think we needed to do shooting boards (I made them), but I took that as a big compliment, and know you are a major part for comments like that. Just wanted to pass that on.'

'Thanks- Meeting went great they loved both of the ones you drew. For a meeting next week we will have to go do a few more frames and go to color.
Thanks again Steve.'

(Project names removed by request).
Jason Roberts, Art Director, BBDO West S.F., now Secret Weapon, L.A.

bugster is perfect
The art director said you guys are the bomb (actually I've changed his word from @##$$% to bomb--you know how art directors are.) Said our storyboards just went up to the next level.
Steve Swan, Swan Advertising, Las Vegas.

These are great as usual.
Thanks again for making our last minute changes and also doing the initial roughs so we could figure out exactly what we needed.
Jon Wank, Principal, EP Production, Skadaddle media.

'Hey Storyboard Squad!
I'm a freelance illustrator with over fifteen years of experience out there, and I specialize in comics and storyboards.
I just wanted to congratulate you on a great-looking web site, and some really nice looking storyboards. Most of the storyboards I've seen online are either way too polished -- they must've taken hours each, and probably cost a fortune -- or too "dynamic" and manic. Yours are great.
You're great storytellers.'
Ted Slampyak, Storyteller's Workshop.

Thanks again one and all (not to mention all the gazillions of deleted emails and phone messages).
Much appreciated.

Just remember...
We're FAST, GOOD and we 'GET IT'.

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