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Storyboards followed by finished ads

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These spots show the animatic or agency boards first (I dropped the final commercial audio behind the boards).
Not shooting boards for the director, but used by the ad agency to sell the idea to the client.

Here's 'Tunnel Dog' for Trifexis...
Here's Bear Grylls in this FANvsWILD ad.
Here's a bomb squad in action!

Here's a roadside 'rescue'...
Here comes a distressed teacher in the classroom...

Here's some action inside the Puffs factory (no magic dragons though)...
Up next, originally drawn as a Dick Tracy-esque styled spot for RICE A RONI...
Here's a bunch of Frank's Red Hot Sauce spots.
Each agency board was only 5 frames, but they were designed to allow close-ups so it appears like more. If you plan them with parallel camera positions in mind (with less over the shoulder shots and reverses) you can sell the story with fewer frames, although you might not end up shooting it that way.

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