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Lego movie goofs, just for fun

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O.K. Before I had any editing software at all (or even a computer come to think of it) I had a Sony camcorder, and a story to tell.
This first epic (one of the only movies I've done which is longer than 30secs) is a stunning 2 minutes and ten seconds long. That's almost a full length movie in my world. Since it was edited in camera, the time it took to make was about the same as the time it takes to watch, unless you're Meridee of course, in which case multiple viewings while tied down are mandatory...

Hey, it's almost bad enough to qualify as an 'Art' film.

Then I got a computer, so of course I got all fancy and wanted to get into production values. So I spent far too long making elaborate sets, and set about turning where we lived into a cross between a mouse sized yet sprawling movie studio, and a junk yard.
Of course I had to chop it down to a :30 and pretend it was an ad for something.
The music is from the Casino Royale soundtrack. The Big Cowboys and Indians fight at Casino Royale. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (you should get that CD).
Everything starts to get a little bit hazy after that. I couldn't look at an object and not see it's potential as a piece of Lego movie studio scenery. So started my slide into some kind of insanity. But it's O.K., I'm an artist. Going crazy is a job requirement. And so my little plastic pals embarked on an odyssey that would seem to have no end. And I got a little stabilizer for my camera, so now I had an excuse to shoot from a 'helicopter'. Music from 'The Magnificent Seven'. You should buy it.

It's all becoming very exotic. I brought my stars heady expectations of constant world travel back down to earth with this next one...Please excuse the really nasty sound design, if you could even call it that. The inaudible line at the start is 'phaw, somefink stinks around 'ere'.
Surprisingly this one seems to be the most popular on YouTube!

But the lure of exotic locations was too much even for me. Besides, Meridee insisted that if she was going to have to hold onto stupid bits of plastic and jiggle them around, it had better be somewhere nice. So off we went to Egypt. Oh, you'll probably want to rush right out to the shops after watching this and snatch up a few copies of some T.V. Theme soundtrack CD's.

Top marks if you recognized "Good Morning Beautiful" from The The's Mind Bomb CD. Very poignant.

But my experience as a director of small plastic people was still limited. Sure, I'd coaxed some award winning performances, but could I handle crowd scenes? It was time to find out...Music by H2so4 (Never Do It Again from Machine Turned Blues). Excellent disc. I would immediately rush out and buy several copies at least if I were you.

After that I lost contact with my small plastic chums. I last saw them heading who knows where. I wonder if I'll ever even see them again.
Get ready for some really nasty sound f.x. using my mouth. Nice. George Lucas would be impressed.

The U.F.O. is actually a light which hung over our dining table.
Clearly sound design is not one of my Do It Yourself specialties. If any sound designers out there fancy having a stab at tarting any of these up a bit, I'm all ears. If you haven't already enjoyed the spec spots shot on 35mm film, by all means click the link below...
SPEC SPOTS (with decent production value)

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