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Spec spots

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I (Steve) delved into writing, producing and directing some of my ideas into spec spots when I thought about directing in L.A.
But instead we moved to Santa Fe.
This is the first 'proper' one I did. I even persuaded a fine D.P. (Dan Sprenkle) to throw in his services for my three ventures into the world of real film. All 35mm's of it.

So there you have it. Hitchcock did it with birds, I made my masterpiece with mice. And I wrangled them all by myself.
Next up I wanted some real people, or at least a real person, so I enlisted my chum and genius painter pal for the next one.

You can check out loads of his goodies here, but not before you're done here of course. My ambitions knew no end. I doubled the cast for this next one, and I was churning out ideas fast enough to guarantee that I'd never have two pennies left to rub together again.

The insanity had to end. I scaled back my productions to whatever I could manage with my trusty Sony video camera, and the offerings of local thrift stores.

As you will see, there was a noticeable drop in production values, but I'm sure you'll agree the story is still quite engrossing. Ennio Morricone (Four Friends, from The Untouchables), and Liquid Tension Experiment (Paradigm Shift) provide the music. Both CD's can't be recommended enough, and the purchase of several copies of each are strongly encouraged.
My good buddy Jeremy, pongster extra-ordinaire, was unwittingly coaxed into that great performance.
My secret weapon can be seen lurking in the top left corner for most of the movie. Her name is Wei Wang, ex Table Tennis Olympian, and she had been secretly training me prior to Jeremy's arrival (I needed all the help I could get).
I originally intended this video only to be seen by everybody that Jeremy and I both know from school, for my own glory of course. But since they've all seen it now, it's time for a wider audience. I didn't even let the fact that he hadn't played in years put me off my game.
Interestingly, he joined a club immediately upon returning home from his visit, and now claims to be even better than in his former years, and is eager to know of my next trip back.
His forehand is now, apparently, in devastating form.
I have of course informed him that after retiring from play for a number of years, I now only play left handed.

So what next? Perhaps the exploitation of dumb animals. But I've never indulged in that since Mallo can now open screen doors all by himself. Joe Pesci would be my top choice for V.O. on this one. Are there any Joe Pesci soundalikes with a microphone and email out there?
And don't forget to rush out and buy Groove Armada's 'Vertigo'. The tune here is Serve Chilled.
Here is a little more animal exploitation.
The animals in question are sculptures I made of some mice (see my SCULPTURE WEBSITE HERE, and my sculpture BLOG HERE)

Of course it's much more fun to pretend they were preserved by a famous volcano...
So there you have it. For some really down and dirty home made stuff, check out 'Lego movie goofs'.

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