Storyboard Squad
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Why your best 'local' storyboard artist might be right in front of your nose, right now.


What is 'local' anyway? I used to live in Los Angeles, working freelance for commercial directors and ad agencies on site. They'd brief me on site, and I'd work on site. Geographically local.

Camera shot through crowd of man performing contortions and weaving through people trying not to spill his drink. Monochrome storyboard frame

But I also worked with creative directors and art directors who were in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and many other states as well. 'Internet local', if you like.

Young boy brings message to a man who fills his bag with bottles of oil before leaving

For them I'd take a brief via phone or email (most often a combination of both), and email or upload their roughs, and later the final artwork.
Now I have lived in Santa Fe for over ten years, and almost all of my work has been 'internet local'.

Kid shouts at Godzilla, while Godzilla roars at boy. Cinematic black and white shooting board

There are directors in Los Angeles I used to sit next to, who still prefer to work with me than someone less able who just happens to be sitting in their room. And in Los Angeles there's lots of artists to choose from. Some are great, many more, not so much.

There are some creative professionals all over the United States who won't use anyone else, even though they've never seen my face.

Storyboard frames of woman with different facial expressions

They stick with their favorite 'internet local' choice, because they know they can trust that I'll listen carefully, understand what they want, or if they need some additional input, that my suggestions come from a deep understanding of both the story telling process, and the problem solving it entails.

Early 20th Century cook below stairs with fiery pan

They know I'll have read the script, made some notes and be ready to have an intelligent discussion before I pick up my pencil. I'll probably ask some pertinent questions, so they won't be getting pestered during the rough drawing stage, which may often be the case with less experienced artists.

Camera shot through crowd of a man, now closer, still trying not to spill his drink. Monochrome storyboard frame

So when they are prepping shoots in Canada, Spain, France, England or anywhere else, no biggie, internet local Steve's right there with them. They can focus on casting, while I get the storyboarding done.

Storyboard frames, roughs or rough sketches of a diner for an AARP commercial

And when those advertising agency art or creative directors move to new jobs in new states, no worries. I go right along for the ride, wherever they end up. And for color jobs, Meridee's ready to work her magic.

Early 20th Century market scene in Italy

Finding someone really good that you can trust is the hard part (hint: But I'm right in front of you).

Thankfully keeping them around is easy.

'Steve is an excellent artist. His storyboards are always great and extremely accurate per our communications. You'd be a fool not to use him.'
Kevin S. Smith, director at Backyard productions.

'Steve was my go-to storyboard artist for years. I could always depend on him for his keen sense of lensing, camera placement and motion dynamics, his rosy outlook and a better sense of humor than most comedy writers. I couldn't give anyone in his trade a more enthusiastic recommendation!'
Rent Sidon, former director at A Band Apart and other production companies.

See who else says so in the form of more testimonials (there's a link at the top of the page on the main site) and plenty of storyboards to check out, so do have fun clicking around!
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