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Steve Worthington's bronze SCULPTURE (mostly, if not all, animals)

Steve's Etsy shop, Critterville

Steve's Facebook page

Instagram for SteveWorthingtonART, sculpture, drawing, etc etc

Instagram for DAILY, quirkily HUMOROUS whiteboard CARTOON - 'EveryDayIsAholidayCartoon'

Instagram for StoryboardSteve - a bunch of storyboards

Steve Worthington's ART BLOG

Meridee's Facebook page

Meridee Mandio's blogspot page of OIL PAINTINGS

Download 'Constructive Figure Drawing in a Nutshell' PDF
(R-click icon below)

First 10 pages of 'Constructive Figure Drawing in a Nutshell' as a blog post. There's links to pages 11-20, and 21-30 when you get there.

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